2023-2024 financial year r350 payment dates for sassa 350

2023-2024 financial year r350 payment dates for sassa 350

sassa r350 grant payment date – Here’s your complete guide to 2023-2024 Financial Year r350 payment dates for sassa 350 for the remainder of the 2023-24 financial year.

2023-2024 financial year r350 payment dates for sassa 350

  • September 2023: 22 September – 29 September
  • October 2023: 26 October – 31 October
  • November 2023: 24 November – 30 November
  • December 2023: 18 December – 22 December
  • January 2024: 25 January – 31 January
  • February 2024: 23 February – 29 February
  • March 2024: 25 March – 29 March

The payment cycles for SASSA srd grant have been issued for the period September 2023 to March 2024.If you are a recipient of the 350 grant, you should expect payment during the pay week.

For the first cycle in this period, the SASSA 350 grant grant will be paid out from 22 September to 29 September 2023. In October 2023, the pay cycle falls between 26 October and 31 October. In November 2023, recipients can expect to receive their payment between 24 November and 30 November. While in December 2023, payments will be made from 18 December to 22 December.

Come January 2024, payments will again be made during the last week of the month, starting from 25 January and ending on the 31st of January. February 2024 payments will fall between 23 February and 29 February, and in March 2024, they will take place from 25 March to 29 March.

Checking r350 payment dates for sassa 350 Status Online

It is important to note that clients should check their SASSA status on the SRD website during the pay week to get the exact date that the payment will be reflecting in their bank account. Recipients can expect a delay of 2-3 working days for the funds to be processed beyond the pay cycle’s end date.

For a smooth transaction, please make sure that your banking details are updated and that the personal information you have provided are correct.

SASSA will not be making R350 payments to a bank account that doesn’t belong to the applicant.

If you have any questions or need further help, visit the SASSA SRD website or get in touch with your nearest SASSA office for assistance.