500 Global Scale Up Program 2023 in Egypt

Deadline:  August 21, 2023.

500 Global Scale Up Program 2023 in Egypt

The 500 Global Scale Up Program in Egypt is a 7-week hybrid program designed to empower startups in Egypt at Pre-Series A or Series A stages. Together we’ll work to amplify market presence and scale your business through personalized mentorship, growth-focused frameworks that can help to expand customer base and streamline operations. You will also have access to 500 Global’s exclusive network of investors, partners, and more.

500 Global in Egypt, offered in collaboration with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), will provide local startups and innovators with local and global opportunities through 500 Global’s programs, curated events, and strategic partnerships.

Batch companies also get access to office space at Creativa Hub, Giza, for use during and after the program (1 year, free-of-charge).

On a weekly basis throughout 7 weeks, founders will gain knowledge through a structured curriculum including intensive growth techniques and fundraising-focused materials, and collaborate with dedicated mentors who aim to help you generate actionable tools and solutions to be applied immediately in addressing your business challenges. Together, we can work towards unlocking untapped potential for your company.

Why 500 Global in Egypt?

Scale up your growth

  • Journey into the future with us by scaling up and growing fast through our network of experts and resources aimed at supporting you in navigating trends, uncertainties, and sourcing opportunities in the business landscape.

Take your vision global

  • Think global from day one. Connect with 500 Global founders who have been there, done that, pick their brains, and gain insights into their entrepreneurial journeys. Be a part of a global community of founders who continue to grow together.

Join our curated communities

  • Access our curated communities, expand your connections globally, and meet with other 500 Global founders who are building in the same space wherever you are – be it in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, or beyond.

What you can expect during the 7 weeks with 500 Global


  • Kick-off Retreat (in/near Cairo): Spend some time getting to know your batch mates and form bonds early. Focuses on founder wellness, leadership, and other exciting sessions.
  • Growth Fundamentals: Understand what growth is and what growth isn’t
  • Fundraising: Understand raising capital to fuel your upcoming growth
  • Pitching: Focus on creating a compelling narrative for your upcoming meetings


  • Growth Loops, Funnels, and more:  Understand metrics, growth loops and funnels, and prepare to experiment with acquisition and retention strategies
  • Hiring, Talent, Culture: Understand what a growth team needs, talent acquisition, and setting up team culture
  • Pitching: Present about your company to ecosystem stakeholders and obtain feedback


  • Pitching: Continue to hone your presentation skills through 1:1 or group sessions
  • Demo Day and Networking: Share about your company/product at Demo Day to a room of partners, corporations, ecosystem stakeholders and more.


12-week Post Program Support includes

  • Workshops: Continue to drive growth by working with our team on experiments
  • Mentorship: 1:1 mentorship to obtain feedback and spur learning opportunities

Selection Criteria & Process

To qualify, you must be a tech or tech-enabled startup at the Pre-Series or Series A stage (either about to raise your Pre-Series A/Series A round, or have recently raised the round) startup. Ideally, you should also have found product market fit, with demonstrated traction and a solid team behind your company. We’re looking for inspired and passionate founders who are ready to take their companies to the next level with us.

Applicants will go through a 3-step selection process, as detailed below:

  • Round 1: Fill out the Application Form prior to the August 21st deadline.
  • Round 2: Shortlisted candidates from Round 1 will go through a 30-min panel interview with 500’s Selection Committee members.
  • Round 3: Further shortlisted candidates from Round 2 will go through a 20-min interview with 500 Global in Egypt’s team

The Selection Committee and 500 Global in Egypt team’s final decision will be communicated at least 3 weeks prior to the program’s start date.

The Scale Up Program is a tuition-free, equity-free, non-investment program.

Startup participants have the opportunity to engage and interact with our 500 Global’s investment team in the MENA region during the duration of the program. 500 Global or its affiliates may consider selecting startup participants for potential capital contribution at its absolute sole discretion.

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