Africa Matters ShE is Empowered Program 2024

Africa Matters ShE is Empowered Program 2024

The Africa Matters ShE is Empowered Program aims to break the barriers of African women who are most vulnerable to systemic inequalities. It is a 12-month non-residential, online development program for young African women and girls focused on leadership, soft skills development, social entrepreneurship, advocacy, gender equality and mentorship. During the program, ShE Leaders plan and implement community engagement projects aimed at addressing a social issue in their community. At the end of the program, participants emerge with a strong network of young African women leaders, mentors, a certificate of participation, newly acquired skills and the support of the AMI team to run their community engagement projects in the long run.

For the 2024 cohort, 20 young African women and girls between the ages of 15-29 will form part of this program from the following countries: Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Morocco, Namibia, and Kenya.

Applications open on 25th October 2023 at 12 pm CAT and close on 26th November 2023 at 11:59 pm CAT. 

Kindly note that the application has six sections: (A) Eligibility Questions (B) Program Commitment (C) Personal Details (D) Written Component (E) Video Component (F) General Questions

A. Eligibility Questions: This section includes questions to confirm eligibility to apply to the ShE is Empowered program.

B. Program Commitment Declaration: This declaration details the requirements and expectations of the Africa Matters ShE is Empowered Program, and you are required to confirm your ability to fully commit to the program to completion and acceptance into the program.

C. Personal Details: This section focuses on general information about yourself, such as demographics, language and educational background.

D. Written Component: This section focuses on short paragraph-style questions to better understand why you would want to become a 2024 ShE Leader and detail any previous participation in community engagement activities.

E. Video Component: This section requires you to submit a 2-3-minute video introducing yourself, briefly explaining your Community Engagement Project idea and how joining this program will benefit you and your community.

Please follow the upload instructions carefully! Your application will not be considered if we cannot assess your video submission. Applicants with videos exceeding 3 minutes will be penalised.

F. General questions: This final section focuses on some general questions regarding scheduling and confirming clarity on the program.

The application should take about 45 mins to two hours to complete successfully. You are free to create a log-in if you would like to take your time with your application. Please remember your log-in information after creation.

Selected applicants will be invited to a virtual interview in January 2024, with the tentative selection and announcement of 20 ShE Leaders in March 2024.

The non-residential online development program will be conducted in English and officially start in March 2024 and end in April 2025.