Africa Uncensored Investigate 101 Training Program 2023

Deadline: 5th August 2023

Africa Uncensored Investigate 101 Training Program 2023

Africa Uncensored is delighted to announce an exciting opportunity for journalists who are passionate about promoting freedom of speech, human rights, and democratic values in Kenya.

The training and mentorship program in investigative journalism aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to uncover hidden truths, hold power to account, and make a lasting impact through your reporting.

As journalists, you have the power to give voice to the voiceless, expose injustices, and champion transparency and accountability. This program is designed to nurture emerging investigative journalists who are dedicated to upholding these principles.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance your understanding of investigative journalism ethics, principles, and techniques.
  • Equip you with the tools and methodologies required to conduct in-depth investigations.
  • Deepen your knowledge of legal frameworks and regulations related to freedom of speech, human rights, and democracy.
  • Develop your skills in data analysis, source verification, and interviews for investigative purposes.
  • Provide guidance on writing compelling investigative stories that engage audiences and drive social change.
  • Offer a fellowship opportunity to selected participants, providing financial support and mentorship for investigative projects.


  1. Five days of an intensive investigative in-person training program with expert trainers covering:
  • Introduction and Finding the story
  • Research, data journalism and fact-checking
  • Investigation Techniques – open source, digital investigations, undercover reporting, etc
  • Investigative writing and producing investigative documentaries
  • Ethics in Journalism, security and safety
  • Pitching, presenting and telling the story
  1. Three-month remote mentorship
  2. Limited fellowship opportunities

Fellowship Opportunities

A limited number of participants will be selected to receive fellowships. Fellows will have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge gained during the training program to investigate and report on critical issues related to freedom of speech, human rights, or democratic values in Kenya

What’s covered?

We will cover the following for accepted participants:

  • All training costs
  • Transport reimbursement for participants travelling to Nairobi
  • Accommodation costs and meals

Eligibility Criteria

  • Early career journalists with a maximum of 5 years of professional experience
  • Demonstrated interest and commitment to investigative journalism, freedom of speech, human rights, and democratic values
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • A laptop

Application Process

To apply for the training and fellowship program, please submit the following documents by 5th August 2023:

  • An updated CV highlighting your journalistic experience and any previous investigative work
  • A copy of your Media Council of Kenya press card
  • A cover letter (max. 500 words) explaining your motivation for participating in the program and your commitment to promoting freedom of speech, human rights, and democratic values
  • Two samples of your previous journalistic work, emphasizing any investigative or in-depth reporting (PDF format or links to online publications)

Please email your application to with the subject line “Investigative 101 Journalism Training Application – [Your Name]”.

Selected participants will be notified via email by 11th August 2023 and further details about the training program and fellowship opportunities will be provided at that time.

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