Call Time Manager Bootcamp 2023

Deadline: July 17th 2023

Call Time Manager Bootcamp 2023

The role of Call Time Manager is a high-impact position on political campaigns. Call Time Managers support candidates’ fundraising efforts by researching potential donors, preparing lists of contacts, managing candidates as they actually make the calls to solicit contributions, and then following up as needed with individual donors. It is an entry-level role ideal for early career individuals who are eager to get campaign experience.

If you are actively seeking opportunities to work on a political campaign in 2023, this intensive skills development program is for you!

Here’s how it works.

The program is virtual.

Dates are July 30th: 11 am to 5 pm ET AND August 1st: 7 pm to 9 pm ET.

There is no cost to attend.

Lessons will include:

  • Overview of Campaigns

  • Overview of Campaign Finance

  • How to prepare, execute and follow-up on call time

  • How to handle challenges faced by Call Time Managers

Expect an engaging mix of presentations, dialogue, and live-fire action learning. The program will be led by experienced campaign advisors Evan Chernack and Lucy Arthur-Paratley.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Call Time Manager do?
    The Call Time Manager is an entry-level, high-impact role on a campaign staff. “Call Time” refers to times during the day when a candidate gets on the phone to call potential donors in an effort to raise funds for the campaign. The Call Time Manager prepares for those sessions, manages the candidate, and then does any follow-up required to collect any money raised. They typically make between $3,000 and $4,000 a month. A skilled and effective Call Time Manager can make a major difference to a campaign’s fundraising success and overall effectiveness.

  • Do I need to have service experience for this program?
    No. This is open to anyone with an interest in the role.

  • Do I need to have previous campaign experience?
    No. Call Time Manager is an entry-level position that is ideal for individuals just getting started, so there is no need for previous experience.

  • I am interested in running for office myself. Should I attend this program?
    This is for people who want to work as staff on campaigns. Though they may also want to run for office one day in the future, this program is not geared towards being a candidate. Looking to start your journey exploring questions about running for office? Please apply for our program Answering the Call.

  • Am I guaranteed a job if I complete this program?
    The short answer is no; we can’t guarantee that all graduates of this program will get a job as a Call Time Manager.  The longer answer is that we have created this program because we understand many 2023 campaigns are struggling to find staff for this role, and they may be excited to meet the individuals we train.

  • Will I get paid as a Call Time Manager?
    Yes. In general, political campaigns do not pay a lot of money, but within the context of political campaigns, this is a well-paid position.  The finance team are often among the first positions hired and the last positions fired when campaigns are low on resources.  We will discuss all of this in more detail as part of the training.

  • Is there a fee for this program?
    No; there is no cost to participate.

  • Should I still apply if I can’t attend both sessions?
    No. You need to be able to attend the full program to participate.

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