CEHURD Media Fellowship 2023

Deadline: 19th June, 2023.

CEHURD Media Fellowship 2023

Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) invites applications for the media fellowship on sexual reproductive health and rights, 2023. The media fellowship is aimed at expounding on the role of media in achieving reproductive equity for young people in Uganda. It also aims at building a network of journalists who can boldly report on sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people in Uganda and beyond.

This year’s fellowship is designed to strengthen capacities of media personnel in progressive and positive reporting about SRHR. Media plays a fundamental role on advancing reproductive equity once equipped with accurate and appropriate information on sexual and reproductive health and rights. The focus for this year’s fellowship is SRHR for young people in Uganda and beyond.

The fellowship is also an opportunity to work on both visible and invisible issues, including but not limited to; Sexuality education and SRHR information to young people, reproductive equity, policy advocacy for SRHR in Uganda and East Africa, self-care as a component of SRHR, and gender justice.

This fellowship will empower journalists with knowledge and information to contribute to the creation of a supportive environment for SRHR. The media fellowship will cover the state of SRHR in Uganda; the policy and legal environment on young people’s SRHR in Uganda and East Africa, and how journalists can report from a gender just and human rights perspective; the finer points of investigative journalism, how to make a good story pitch and, strategic communications and messaging.

Qualifications – CEHURD Media Fellowship 2023

  • Eligible journalists for the fellowship will be expected to have the following qualifications:
  • A minimum of a diploma in journalism, development studies, social sciences, development communications or any other related field.
  • Experience of at least two years in journalism, practising with an established media house
  • Recommendation letter from the editor or producer.
  • Interest in developing a career path in sexual and reproductive health and rights reporting for young people
  • Must NOT have participated in any past CEHURD SRHR media fellowships

How to apply – CEHURD Media Fellowship 2023

If you believe you are the ideal candidate for this fellowship, please fill out the application form and submit it along with your academic credentials via info@cehurd.org and copy nabunya@cehurd.org

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