Click-On Kaduna Data Science 2023-2024 Successful Fellows Announced

Click-On Kaduna Data Science 2023-2024 Successful Fellows Announced

The Kaduna State Government is delighted to announce the Click-On Kaduna Data Science 2023-2024 Successful Fellows Announced of the prestigious Click-On Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Programme.

This programme stands at the heart of the Kaduna State Government’s commitment to nurturing talented young people, equipping them with invaluable skills in data science, machine learning, and AI.

To our exceptional DSFP 3.0 Fellows, your journey alongside the state’s public sector has officially begun as you join in advancing service excellence and championing evidence-based decision-making.

Click-On Kaduna Data Science 2023-2024 Successful Fellows Announced: 40 Exceptional Fellows Selected for DSFP 3.0

In its third consecutive year, the Click-On Kaduna Data Science Fellowship Programme (DSFP) has announced the selection of 40 exceptional fellows to participate in the 6-month intensive paid fellowship. The announcement was made yesterday on the official Kaduna State Bureau of Statistics social media handle. This milestone marks the continuation of a phenomenal journey that has revolutionized the way data is used for evidence-based decision-making in Kaduna State. DSFP’s journey began as a key component of the Gates Foundation-funded Data Lab project, with a vision to equip young data science enthusiasts with the most sought-after skills in the world.

Over the last couple of years, the programme has nurtured a total of 70 individuals, and these accomplished alumni have gone on to achieve noteworthy feats, reflecting the profound impact of the fellowship on the trajectory of aspiring data scientists. The fellows have emerged as crucial catalysts for transformation within the healthcare sector of Kaduna State as their pivotal role is evident in various impactful projects that span optimizing data workflows, aligning health data systems, enhancing reporting processes, and nurturing a culture of evidence-based decision-making. By working closely with key stakeholders and employing their cutting-edge data science skills, DSFP fellows have not only streamlined data-related operations but have also contributed significantly to informed policy planning and the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

The DSFP alumni have entered the professional world with impressive strides, securing coveted positions in renowned organizations such as Deloitte, Stanbic IBTC, top government agencies, etc. These placements underscore the programme’s commitment to delivering high-caliber training that aligns with industry demands. Beyond traditional employment, the fellowship has produced a cadre of top freelancers, demonstrating the programme’s adaptability and relevance in the dynamic digital landscape. These individuals have harnessed their data science skills to excel in the gig economy, undertaking diverse projects that contribute to their financial success and professional growth. The DSFP’s influence extends well beyond our country’s borders. Several alumni have traveled to prestigious institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel to pursue advanced degrees.

One of the hallmarks of the DSFP is its ability to attract exceptional talents year after year. DSFP 3.0 was no exception, with a pool of applicants who demonstrated not only a passion for data but also a profound desire to contribute to their communities. The selection committee was astounded by the remarkable quality of the applications, which underscored the extraordinary potential within the Kaduna State youth. In a collective decision that underscores our commitment to nurturing exceptional talent, the programme’s implementing partners consulted with critical stakeholders to elevate the number of fellows from 30 to 40. The announcement of 40 fellows for this year’s cohort now brings the total number of fellows to 110.

As DSFP 3.0 gets underway, the programme’s legacy continues to take shape thanks to the commitment of the Gates Foundation and the implementing partners. The Fellowship has undoubtedly sparked an extraordinary wave of enthusiasm for data science among the youth in and around Kaduna. Year by year, DSFP’s influence grows, inspiring a new generation of data enthusiasts ready to chart the course of data science’s future, further positioning Kaduna as the emerging “Silicon Valley” of Northern Nigeria.

Successful Fellows 2023-2024:

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Click-On Kaduna Data Science 2023-2024 Successful Fellows Announced