Defyhatenow Africa Fact-checking Fellowship 2023– #AFFCameroon

Defyhatenow Africa Fact-checking Fellowship 2023– #AFFCameroon

The Defyhatenow Africa Fact-checking Fellowship 2023– #AFFCameroon is designed to track and map viral trends on social media related to current challenges of ‘fake news’ in Cameroon. Through its different cohorts, #AFFCameroon aims to enhance the skills of experienced professionals to effectively contribute to peace-building and social cohesion by combating disinformation and hate speech. It intends to promote fact-checking, data journalism and digital rights towards African journalists, bloggers and content creators. The program is based on a blended learning model using webinars, practical lessons, peer-to-peer learning and on-the-ground practical work. Fellows will have access to a rich set of online tools and resources and a network of experts and professionals worldwide.

Who can apply – Defyhatenow Africa Fact-checking Fellowship 2023– #AFFCameroon

  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Content creators
  • Digital rights activists and/defenders
  • Community-based organisation
  • Opinion and community leaders


  • Between 20 and 40 years old

Place of residence

  • All regions of Cameroon


  • 08 October 2023.


  • Be available throughout the training
  • Understand English and French
  • Own a working smartphone and laptop
  •  Be computer literate,
  • Active on social media handles.

Apply here

N.B.: Selected applicants will be notified by email of their selection for the program by 13 October 2023.

About #defyhatenow

#defyhatenow is an initiative that aims to provide community-based, data-driven solutions to the problem of hate speech, misinformation and fake news. Our work focuses on creating a framework for building trust among stakeholders by mobilising civic action against all forms of hate speech and incitement to violence. #defyhatenow seeks to help voices against online-induced conflict go ‘viral’ within and beyond affected regions by engaging youth, community leaders, grassroots organisations and other civil society actors in a peace framework in media and information. Bridging the gaps in knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without. Finally, #defyhatenow is a growing network of online and offline peacekeepers.

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