Eisenhower Fellowship Global Program 2024

Deadline: 1st August 2023!

Eisenhower Fellowship Global Program 2024

Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and connects innovative leaders through a transformative fellowship experience and lifelong engagement in a global network of dynamic change agents committed to creating a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

In spring 2024, Eisenhower Fellowships will assemble a diverse group of visionaries from across the globe and invite them to the United States for a unique five-week program with both in-person and virtual components. Fellows will develop a project, foster professional relationships and launch dynamic, concrete collaborations with their American counterparts, their cohort and the prestigious EF network of over 2500 Fellows from 115 countries.

Fellows are selected based on their track record of leadership, their potential for future impact and their commitment to lifelong engagement with Eisenhower Fellowships to advance our mission of enhancing international understanding through dialogue to build a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

Typically, Fellows range between 32 and 45 years of age at the time of fellowship and are highly proficient in English. We seek Fellows who have the maturity to take advantage of the unique opportunity and represent Eisenhower Fellowships, as well as draw upon this experience to catapult them forward as impactful leaders for years to come.

Applications are accepted across the globe but preference is given to candidates in countries where EF is active. If you do not reside in or have citizenship in a country where EF is currently active, you must obtain a formal nomination from a member of the EF global network in order to be eligible for the 2024 Global Program.

Successful candidates for our programs must display the vision and passion to pursue concrete projects with a real world impact that EF can track and measure. Past initiatives have included creation of a social entrepreneurship venture fund and incubator space; development of a rating system for nonprofits’ performance; and the creation of an advocacy plan for juvenile justice practitioners.

Fellows are provided with the following criteria and questions to assist in the project conceptualization

SMART Criteria

The SMART Criteria serves to refine your project objectives so you can create clear and achievable
markers for future progress. While researching for your fellowship, these measures will help you identify
potential meetings by clarifying the lessons you have to learn in order to meet your objectives. The
SMART structure will also assist in concisely describing your project to members of the Eisenhower
Fellowships network and external actors. Whether an elevator pitch or a project abstract, the criteria
below will assist in impactfully communicating your ideas:

  • Specific, with clear and concise goals
  • Measurable, with the ability to quantify and track progress
  • Achievable, with challenging yet reachable goals
  • Relevant to the needs, future or interests of your community or larger society
  • Time-bound, with a timeline and target timeframe for achieving benchmarks

1. Describe the problem or challenge you seek to address in your organization, community, city, country, region and/or sector. Give geopolitical context where relevant. Help your reader understand why this is important to you and your community.

2. What is your proposed solution to the problem or challenge described above? Are there any other ways to address the challenge or alternative solutions that have been explored?

3. Who will benefit from the development of your proposed solution? How will their lives be improved?

4. What barriers or obstacles could potentially arise that you would need to address and surmount to advance your project?

5. If your project is successful, how will it change things for the better? How will you measure success?

6. How does your project advance EF’s mission to create a world that is more peaceful, prosperous and just?

7. Summarize your project or initiative in 2-3 sentences.


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