Feenix fund raising platform for unisa students – register now

Feenix fund raising platform for unisa students – register now

Feenix is an online fundraising platform that allows you to connect with your communities in a safe and secure way.

The University of South Africa in partnership with Feenix, the online crowdfunding platform, is launching a campaign to help Unisa students to fundraise for their own studies.

Unisa students are invited to register on the Feenix platform. There are already Unisa students who are registered on the platform and are in need of student fee support. The students are fundraising for current and possibly historical debt with Unisa.

The platform is a safe and convenient way of supporting students as Unisa will receive the financial donations made directly to the university’s account.


  • Are you an SA citizen/permanent resident/refugee or asylum seeker?
  • Are you registered at a public South African university?
  • Do you have current or historical debt owing to your university?
  • Is your combined household income under R600k per year?
  • Do you have a certified copy of your identity document?
  • Do you have an official* fee statement?

If yes, start your fundraising journey today.

If you are a student who would like to register to raise funds for your fees, visit this webpage: https://feenix.org/for-students