gogspv e-payslip system

gogspv e-payslip system

The gogspv e-payslip system intelligent system is designed for you to have easy access to your payslip. You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection.
If you are a new user, you need to register on E-PAYSLIP. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department.

Please follow the instructions given below to access all your e-payslip services!

How to Create E-SPV Return System Account

you can create your Electronic Salary Payment Voucher Return System (ESPV) using the guidelines below

  1. Access the ESPV portal via gogspv.com
  3. Fill out your required information (employee numbercontactemailregistration code)
  4. Enter the Captcha code to confirm you are not a robot
  5. Click on REGISTER to proceed
  6. Enter the CODE sent to your phone number to activate your account

Login E-SPV e-Payslip

Log in to check your gogspv e-payslip system online and download or print your payslip using these steps:

  1. Access the e-payslip portal www.gogpayslip.com
  2. Enter your employee number and password
  3. Click the login button
  4. Wait for the system to authenticate and redirect you to your account page
  5. Click on My payslip and select the month you want to download or print the payslip
  6. Click on the generate button
  7. Click on save or print the month’s payslips you selected

How do I upload a picture on my E-payslip

  1. Visit your E-payslip account
  2. Sign in with your detail (employee number and password)
  3. At the top of your E-Payslip dashboard
  4. Click on the image icon
  5. Upload your image from your gallery

How do I check my e-Payslip

You can check your e-payslip online when you log in to your e-payslip portal and follow these steps:

  • Click on My Payroll
  • Click to select the Payslips tab
  • Click on the available payslips to view the payslip details
  • Click Print to open the payslip as a PDF in another browser tab.
  • Print or Save the Payslip as a PDF for any purpose.

Forget password? How to reset it

You can reset your E-SPV e-payslip account password using the following steps

  1. Sign in to your e-payslip account
  2. Click on forget your password
  3. Enter employee number
  4. Enter your Email or Mobile number (used during registration)
  5. Click on the Submit button
  6. A code will be sent into your Email or Mobile number (depending on the one you provided)
  7. Enter the new code as a password to reset your account.