Haramaya student portal haramaya.edu.et 

Haramaya student portal haramaya.edu.et

Find the Haramaya University Student Portal with your 6 digits UID and Password via haramaya.edu.et, also, learn about the features of your HU portal, how to access your e-learning portal, and how to recover your portal UID.

Haramaya student portal haramaya.edu.et

To log into your Haramaya University student portal, follow the steps below 

  1. Visit the HU portal via studentportal.haramaya.edu.et
  2. Enter your 6 digits UID and Password
  3. Then click on the Sign in button
  4. Continue to click on Login to access your dashboard

How to Recover Your HU Student UID

To recover your Haramaya University student UID, follow the steps below

  1. Visit the HU Portal via studentportal.haramaya.edu.et
  2. Click on Recover UID
  3. Follow the instructions to recover your UID

Steps to Access Your HU E-Learning Portal

To log into your Haramaya University e-learning portal, follow the steps below 

  1. Visit the HU website via haramaya.edu.et
  2. Hover on Services on your tab then select ICT
  3. Continue to click on E-learning Services
  4. Enter your 6 digits UID and Password
  5. Then click on the Sign in button
  6. Continue to click on Login to access your e-learning dashboard

Features of the HU Student Portal

Below are the features of the Haramaya University Student Portal

  • Admission Status Check: Easily access your admission status through the portal
  • Course Registration: Enroll in your preferred courses conveniently using the portal
  • Fee Payments: Make fee payments online with ease through the portal
  • Exam Results: View your examination results directly on the portal
  • Acceptance Fee Information: Obtain detailed information about acceptance fee payments via the portal
  • Transcript Retrieval: Conveniently access your academic transcripts through the portal
  • Academic Calendar Consultation: Stay updated on important dates by viewing the academic calendar on the portal
  • Stay Informed: Receive updates on specific announcements and important information
  • Admission Deferral Request: Utilize the portal to request a deferral of your admission if necessary

Haramaya University Contact Information

Haramaya University
P.O. Box 138
Dire Dawa

Email: haramaya@haramaya.edu.et

Phone: +251(0)255530319