How Do I Access My Matric Results On My Smartphone

How Do I Access My Matric Results On My Smartphone

How Do I Access My Matric Results On My Smartphone – When matric results are revealed, it is critical that all candidates have access to the results. We will show you how to access your matric results on your cellphone in Gauteng. Whether a student is in or out of Gauteng, there are a few solutions available to help you acquire access to your matric results.

Via SMS/ USSD code: this is one of the easiest methods to have access to your matric results on your cellphone. Once you have a cellphone on your mobile phone, you can easily access the matric results online.

Staying updated on your matric results has become easier and more convenient in today’s digital era. Students can now easily check their matriculation results on their cellphones, all thanks to the innovative SMS/USSD code service. This method offers a convenient and easy way to stay informed about your academic accomplishments.

You have the option to receive them through SMS or by using a USSD code. The process is designed to be easy for users of all technical levels, making it accessible to everyone.

Once you have your cellphone with you, you can easily access the online matric results. To get your results, all you need to do is enter the USSD code or send an SMS request. In just a few seconds, the results will be sent to your phone’s screen.

SMS or use the USSD code

Are you ready to check your matric results? Do you want to know how to use the SMS option or the USSD code? Read more to find insight.

Each year the matric exams are conducted for candidates within grade 12. These students are considered to be at the final stage of their high school. The matric exams initiate students who are looking to enter into high school education through the matric exams.

Once the exams are done, results are released after they have been marked. Once the results are released, the anticipation of checking results will be heightened.

Individuals who wish to get the matric results via SMS can send their Identification number and exam number to the code 35658. For the request to be accepted both numbers must have a 13 digit which is considered to be valid. Candidates to use this option must be ready to pay a small fee as part of the SMS cost.

USSD is a fast and convenient method for accessing your matric results. If you’re interested in doing it this way, all you have to do is dial this number on your phone: *120*35658#.

You’ll need to answer a few multiple-choice questions.

Please provide your ID and examination number. Afterwards, you will receive your matriculation results.