How Do I Calculate My IEB Matric Results

How Do I Calculate My IEB Matric Results

How Do I Calculate My IEB Matric Results – The future of your ability to climb the educational ladder depends on your final IEB matric exam scores.

It’s important to comprehend what the IEB matric results are made up of. And understanding how the IEB matric results are determined is important for this.

Therefore, you must take into account both your final exam grade and your (SBA) school-based assessment before determining your IEB matric results. Your final IEB matric results are calculated using these two, however the percentages are different.

They are split into two categories for the purposes of calculating the results: 25% assessment work and 75% assessment work.

These two academic works together make up a total of 100%.

The SBA, which comprises your assignments, tests, projects, assessments, and any other tasks you could be assigned in your final year, is therefore thought of as accounting for 25% of the overall marks.

The other 75% represents the marks obtained in the final year examination for each subject.

In order to determine your actual IEB matric results, your SBA is added after your final main exam score is calculated to a point of 70.