How Do I Check My UIF Balance Via Smartphone

How Do I Check My UIF Balance Via Smartphone

How Do I Check My UIF Balance Via Smartphone – The large number of people attempting to check their UIF balance is not surprising. The Unemployment Insurance funds aim to assist everyone who is unable to find employment.

Although there are other UIF-related things we may do with our smartphones, we will learn how to check UIF balance today.

How to check uif balance via smartphone

The process for checking your UIF balance on your phone is simple. The procedure has been simplified and made simple. Use the shortcode or dial the UIF center directly to check your UIF balance over the phone. You can call the short code *134*843# now that the UIF mobile service has started. You will then be able to select from the prompt’s available options. Choose Check Balance, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Your balance will be displayed on your mobile device a short time after you enter it. To check your UIF balance, make a call to the labor center. Using the numbers 0800030007 or 0123371680, follow the audio instructions carefully. Most of the time, a customer service agent may be asked to take your call. In order to check your available balance on your behalf, this person will collect your information.

How to check uif status via phone number

The mobile services of the UIF cuts across all networks. This is a free-of-charge service for all the networks you could find yourself on. No airtime is deducted, and I must say a service that does not require internet. You don’t necessarily need internet service to check UIF status via mobile phone. All you need is a strong network service. This service deals with the short USSD code or calling directly to the labour centres.

To check UIF status via phone, you can call the labour centre’s main landlines, 0800030007 and 0123371680. Calling these numbers will allow you to follow the prompt and later lead you to talk to a representative. As you know, this representative is credible and will assist in checking your status on their end.

The other way is to dial *134*843#. After dialling, you will receive options on your phone; choose the options related to checking your status and follow the prompts. Once this is done, you will receive a notification that indicates the status of your UIF whether it has been accepted or rejected.

How to check uif balance on whatsapp

As fintech issues rise, we find ways to resolve them without moving. You need to do is dial some numbers on our phone, and then we start chatting with assistance.

Depending on your jurisdiction, you may receive assistance via WhatsApp. The official number for UIF WhatsApp has not been made available yet. However, you can always send a message via this Whatsapp number 0820468553 to chat with a representative.

While you do this, do not share your password or secret code with anyone. You may share your reference number, ID number, and other credentials for registering at UIF.

How to check uif status ussd

To check your UIF status, dial *134*843# on your mobile phone. Once this USSD code is dialled, you will receive a prompt on your mobile phone; select the options that suit how to check your UIF status. Kindly note that this service is free of charge and requires no internet service.

Follow this process to know your UIF status. There are 3 options you may encounter while checking your UIF status using the USSD: pending, rejected, or approved.

How to check your uif balance online

Looking for a way to check your UIF balance online? Are you trying to learn more about how to check your UIF balance online? Just know that if your registration has been done at the labour department and you are qualified, you can easily check your UIF balance online.

There are many questions that people on the UIF platform are always asking, including how to check UIF balance online. You ought to check your balance to know what is happening. If you find yourself already registered, it is necessary to always check your account’s status, balance, and other queries.

This will walk you through each step of how to check your UIF balance online.

Visit this URL;, or you could type this in your browser search bar.

Enter your login information after the page has loaded to access your account. After signing in to your UIF account, clicking “check balance” will bring up a page with instructions and information about your account. Fill out the instructions that appear on your screen, then enter the captcha that appears. Enter your UIF reference number lastly to view your balance. People who meet the requirements for the funds are given a special number called a UIF reference.