i lost my sassa reference number, how do i retrieve it

i lost my sassa reference number, how do i retrieve it

i lost my sassa reference number, how do i retrieve it, this helpful guide will help you locate your SASSA reference number if you’ve lost it or misplaced it.

If you applied at an SASSA Office, you ought to have gotten your SASSA reference number along with your application receipt. If you still have access to the receipt, this post will be very useful.

You should also receive an approval letter if your grant is already approved, which will contain your reference number. If neither of these routes works, you can try the following options.

Locate SASSA Reference Number Via WhatsApp

To find your SRD grant reference number via WhatsApp, send ‘SASSA’ to 082 046 8553 on WhatsApp. Reply to the prompt with ‘status’ and then ‘yes’. Follow the rest of the prompt, and you will receive your reference number.

You can track other SASSA grants via WhatsApp too via the same WhatsApp number.

Locate Reference Number Via USSD

To locate the application number for the SRD grant specifically, you can use USSD. Dial *120*3210#  and follow the prompts to receive your reference number.

Remember that this is for the SRD Grant specifically. To find your SASSA reference number via SMS for any other grant type, simply send an SMS to 49200 with your ID number followed by a space and the word ‘STATUS’. For example, ‘082 555 6677 STATUS’. You will receive an SMS with your application status, which should include your reference number.

Locate SASSA Reference Number By Voice Call

You can contact SASSA directly for both the SRD grant and other SASSA grants by calling their toll-free hotline at 0800 60 10 11 and providing your ID number through Option 1. A representative will be able to provide you with your reference number on the phone.