Investec Tech Scholarship Programme 2023-2024 for young South Africans

Investec Tech Scholarship Programme 2023-2024 for young South Africans

The Investec Tech Scholarship Programme 2023-2024 is aimed at high-performing students who are driven and out-of-the-ordinary thinkers. Being part of the scholarship offers you a pipeline to Tech Graduate Programme and an opportunity to join Investec early on in your educational and career journey in technology.

Investec in partnership with StudyTrust, awards young South Africans with academic potential a scholarship to study towards a Technology-related degree.

Once awarded the scholarship you will be mentored along your journey and have the opportunity to participate in Investec exposure events, our annual hackathon, work readiness programmes and other exciting tech-related initiatives.

Eligibility for the Investec Tech Scholarship Programme 2023-2024

We consider students from the second year to Honours or final year, studying towards one of the following bachelor degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (B Sc or BS) in Computer Science, Business Computing or Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) in Informatics or Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Science (B Bus Sc) in Information Systems/Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Business Science (B Bus Sc) in Data Science
  • All equivalent Technology and Engineering degrees will also be considered

Preference will be given to EE candidates and South African Citizens.

No financial criteria will be applied for the scholarship.

At Investec, we look for dynamic, energetic people filled with tenacity and integrity. We value individuals who in turn value our culture: a can-do attitude while challenging convention.

Apply now to be part of this prestigious technology scholarship opportunity.

How to apply for Investec Tech Scholarship Programme 2023-2024

Applications must be completed on StudyTrust’s online application platform and submitted before 30 September to be considered for a bursary for 2024. The Investec Tech Scholarship does not have any financial need criteria and applicants who only want to be considered for this opportunity must please select “Investec Tech Scholarship” as their first Sponsor option. If you also want to be considered for other bursary and scholarship opportunities, please select the Investec Tech Scholarship as your second choice and indicate an alternative first choice Sponsor. You will then be asked to submit family income information and to upload supporting documents. Having your family income information will allow us to consider you for all opportunities you qualify for.

Closing date
  • Application Season: 01 to 30 September.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on our Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.


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