ISIR Research Skills and Culture Training Series 2023 (2nd Cohort)

Deadline: July 14 @ 9:00 pm UTC+0

ISIR Research Skills and Culture Training Series 2023 (2nd Cohort)

For the second year running, ISIR aims to hold three days-long training that will benefit the second cohort of early career researchers. These series of trainings are part of ISIR’s strategic objectives to empower and enable aspiring young researchers to excel in their profession. ISIR’s aim is to build a network of researchers who are home-grown and based within the region of the Horn of Africa.

The course facilitator will not only reinforce the participants’ knowledge of research and analysis topics important for early career researchers, but they will also be offered mentorship during the following year if professionals decide to pursue a research topic. There will be two topics: Research methods and Analysis. The training sessions will be provided through lectures, tutorials, and working groups, with the aim that participants will have a solid human component that allows them to work in groups, form networks, and interact with instructors.

The course will help aspiring researchers become reflexive practitioners, mastering the complex task of providing the appropriate knowledge and services with confidence, skill, and respect for their scientific and institutional value. The three-day course will be implemented through classroom training.

  1. What will the training participants get out of this?
  • in-depth knowledge of the concepts, notions, and perceptions of a research method
  • experience with several of the most commonly used research methods and skills for conducting research in the area of a research topic
  • start working in groups on research-level questions
  • ability to report research findings in writing and orally at an academic level
  • start a research network
  • mentoring during the future research work
  1. Format of the event
  • Session 1: introductory courses and basic exercises (possibly on computers) to reinforce the knowledge of the topic for mid-career professionals; professionals will be split into smaller groups of two to work on the exercises,
  • Session 2: More advanced lectures for everyone and exercise sessions for mid-career professionals.
  • Session 3: Exercise sessions continue.
  1. Trainers

The three-day long course is designed to be delivered by two trainers, both present for the full three days to ensure effective implementation of the interactive exercises (e.g. role play).

  1. Assessment criteria

The following assessment criteria and weighting will be used for the selection of the applications: –

  • Skills and expertise (50%) – Short CVs (max. two pages) outlining experiences and skills–
  • Motivation (50%) A letter of motivation (up to 500 words max.) outlining applicants’ shared motivation to connect with and contribute to Somaliland’s upcoming researchers to effectively inform the design of public policies and debates.
  1. Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee will comprise ISIR leadership and advisors appointed explicitly for this call.

  1. Applicant Requirements
  • The applicant should be an early career research professional.
  • Proficiency in English, writing, and reading.
  • Before applying, the applicant should read the preliminary workshop details carefully to fully understand the intense nature of the workshop in terms of reading materials, schedule, and pre-workshop assignments.
  • Training hours are 8:30 m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.
  • The preparation will extend for one month before the workshop.
  • Absence during the workshop is not allowed, barring extreme circumstances or emergencies.
  • A pledge to (a) complete the pre-workshop preparation assignment, (b) attend all the days of the workshop, and (c) stay at the designated workshop location at all times is required.
  1. Costs
  • There will be no tuition fee for participants.
  • ISIR will provide meals during the course of the training and reading materials.
  • Participants will be responsible for their transportation and hotel accommodations (if any).
  1. How to apply
  • The application must be written in English.
  • The workshop will allow only 12 It will be highly competitive.
  • Please prepare your application professionally and carefully.
  • Send your application to before July 15, 2023

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