KENIA Research to Commercialization (R2C) Accelerator Program – Deadline: 30th July 2023

Deadline: 30th July 2023 11: 59 pm EAT

KENIA Research to Commercialization (R2C) Accelerator Program – Deadline: 30th July 2023

Viktoria Ventures in collaboration with the Kenya National Innovations Agency (KENIA) is implementing an R2C accelerator program aimed at strengthening the commercialization process in research centers and universities.

The program is funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through the Research and Innovation Systems for Africa (RISA) programme.

The program targets to support 30 Trainers of Trainers (ToT) and 40 researchers and in two cohorts running from December 2022 to June 2023, and July 2023 to December 2023.

Qualified applicants should meet the following eligibility criteria:

a. Must demonstrate the commitment of the institutions’ senior management to support commercialization, evidenced by existence of Technology Transfer Office, IP policies adopted, presence of some research outputs ready to be commercialized.

b. Applicant must demonstrate a willingness to lead cultural transformation required for commercialization to thrive.

c. Applicant must be an experienced trainer and/or facilitator of change and learning.

d. Applicants must be willing to spend at least 15% of their time streamlining the research to the commercialization pipeline in their university.

e. Applicant must be willing to periodically report progress to KeNIA and ViKtoria Ventures.

Eligible applicants from research centers and universities across Kenya are encouraged to apply. Female applicants and individuals registered with the National Council of People with Disability (NCPWD) are also encouraged to apply. The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Application Deadline is 30th July 2023 11: 59 pm EAT

This program will entail a physical training in Naivasha in the month of August.


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