kwazulu natal provincial government job opportunities 2023

kwazulu natal provincial government job opportunities 2023

kwazulu natal Provincial Government has announced an exciting range of job opportunities. Under the banner of #Stheshawayawaya and #Misebenzi, these roles are targeted at young people across various sectors, including healthcare, sports, conservation, arts, and culture.

The KZN Provincial Government recognizes the immense potential and energy of the youth. In a province that boasts a rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, there is a need for young talent to shape the future. The newly announced vacancies are not just jobs, but pathways to fulfilling careers in different fields.

Healthcare: With the ongoing global health crisis, the healthcare sector is in dire need of passionate and dedicated individuals. The province offers positions in various healthcare departments, giving young professionals a chance to contribute to community wellbeing.

Sports: KZN has a rich sporting history, and the government seeks to cultivate this legacy by employing young enthusiasts in sports development and management. If you have a passion for sports and want to contribute to nurturing future athletes, this is your opportunity.

Conservation: The lush landscapes of KZN demand the attention of young conservationists. The province offers roles in wildlife protection, environmental management, and sustainable development.

Arts and Culture: KZN is home to a diverse and vibrant cultural scene. Opportunities in arts and culture allow young talents to preserve and promote the local traditions, arts, and crafts of the region.

How to Apply for the kwazulu natal provincial government job opportunities 2023

Interested candidates can easily apply for the vacancies by calling 080 122 9099 or by visiting the official website at or and clicking on the ‘vacancies’ section.