military veterans job opportunities 2023

military veterans job opportunities 2023

The Department Of Military Veterans Is An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. It Is Our
Intention To Promote Representativity (Race, Gender And Disability) Through The Filling Of These Posts
And Candidates Whose Appointment/Promotion/Transfer Will Promote Representativity Will Receive

The Department has announced vacancies for two vital positions: Deputy Director for Compensation Benefits and Deputy Director in Research and Policy Development. These positions are integral to providing essential services to those who have dedicated their lives to serving the country. Through comprehensive care, policy innovation, and a focus on the well-being of veterans, the chosen candidates will have an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Situated in Pretoria and offering a competitive salary, these roles come with responsibilities that are as rewarding as they are challenging. Read on to learn more about these incredible opportunities to contribute to the lives of South Africa’s esteemed military veterans.

Deputy Director – Compensation Benefits – military veterans job opportunities 2023

The Department of Military Veterans seeks a dedicated and experienced Deputy Director for Compensation Benefits to play a pivotal role in providing essential support and services to eligible military veterans. The successful candidate will oversee the administration of compensation benefits, ensuring the well-being of those who have served their country.

Ref No.: DMV2023/0701
Salary: R811 560– R952 485 per annum (Level 11), (all inclusive)
Centre: Pretoria

Key Responsibilities:

Administration and Coordination: Coordinate the administration of Compensation Bene-fits for military veterans, ensuring efficient and effective processes are in place.
Operational Planning: Support the development and implementation of operational plans aligned with departmental performance and strategic goals.
Policy Development: Contribute to the development and implementation of policies and standard operating procedures governing compensation benefits for military veterans.
Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with government departments, private sector entities, and other stakeholders to provide compensation, pensions, health, and social services to military veterans.
Claims Management: Facilitate approval and manage medical claims and payment of invoices from various stakeholders, including claims related to injuries, trauma, and diseases resulting from military activities.
Project Management: Oversee compensation benefit projects for veterans with disabilities, psychological trauma, and terminal illnesses arising from military service.
Medical Assessments: Manage and arrange medical assessment sessions with multidisciplinary healthcare teams across provinces.
Adjudication Support: Provide technical and logistical support for the final medical adjudication panel.
Intervention Development: Identify and address medical and psychological challenges facing military veterans through the development of appropriate interventions.
Complaint Resolution: Manage the resolution of complaints and concerns raised by military veterans in accordance with regulations.
Collaborative Partnerships: Collaborate with stakeholders to establish and maintain service provider networks, collaborative standards, and consultative committees.
Resource Management: Ensure proper budget implementation, monitor expenditure, and oversee supply chain processes for equipment and resources.
Staff Management: Evaluate employee performance, provide capacity development, and foster a culture of motivation and performance management.

  • Senior Certificate and an appropriate Degree or Diploma in Healthcare or Social Sciences.
  • 5-10 years of experience in a medical claims environment at supervisory or Assistant Director level.
  • Knowledge of Compensation or Military Pension policies, legislation, medical claims management, and government-wide policies.
  • Strong skills in report writing, research, facilitation, decision-making, teamwork, project management, communication, networking, and negotiation.
  • Personal attributes must include interpersonal skills, integrity, responsiveness, fairness, compassion, and crisis management ability.

Enquiries: For further information, please contact Ms Dineo Masemola / Mr Ayanda Swaartbooi at Tel No: (012) 765 9454.

Research and Policy Development – military veterans job opportunities 2023

The Department of Military Veterans invites applications for the position of Deputy Director in Research and Policy Development, a vital role in shaping the future of services and support for our esteemed military veterans.
Ref No.: DMV2023/07-02
Salary: R811 560 – R952 485 per annum (Level 11), (all inclusive)
Centre: Pretoria


Research Leadership: Lead and participate in research initiatives, both internally and through external partnerships, contributing to the advancement of knowledge on veterans’ needs and concerns.
Policy Framework: Develop and implement robust research policies and procedures, ensuring the systematic collection and analysis of data to inform policy decisions.
Research Support: Provide administrative, technical, and logistical support for the execution of proactive, needs-based research projects.
Diagnostic Research: Engage in diagnostic research programmes, gathering essential information to guide strategic decision-making.
Report Summarization: Summarise and present research findings to the department, offering insights to shape future strategies.
Recommendation Analysis: Assist in interpreting and analysing research-based recommendations, contributing to evidence-based policy development.
Resource Management: Manage research documents, materials, and the information resource centre, ensuring its effective utilisation and organisation.
Partnerships: Foster collaborations with reputable research and funding institutions, enhancing the department’s research capabilities.
Information Management: Develop and manage an information knowledge management system to facilitate efficient data storage and retrieval.
Feasibility Research: Continuously conduct feasibility and benchmark research on national and international best practices, staying at the forefront of developments.
Asset Management: Oversee the management of unit assets, ensuring proper allocation and responsible utilisation.

  • National Senior Certificate and an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree/National Diploma or equivalent qualification.
  • 3-5 years of relevant experience at the Assistant Director Level, focused on research related duties.
  • Knowledge of research-related processes, government-wide policies, and the ability to interpret and apply policies and legislation.
  • Proficiency in report writing, research, presentation, analysis, motivation, and decision-making.
  • Personal attributes must include interpersonal skills, integrity, responsiveness, fairness, credibility, commitment, and compassion.

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