Ministry of Youth Batswana – Youth Development Fund (YDF) 2023/24 cycle

Ministry of Youth Batswana – Youth Development Fund (YDF) 2023/24 cycle

The Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport & Culture informs all Batswana youth that a call for submissions for Youth Development Fund (YDF) for 2023/24 cycle will resume at all Districts and Sub-Districts effective Monday 31st July 2023 to Thursday 8th September 2023 at 1245hrs.

1. The Youth Development Fund offers funding of a maximum amount of P100 000.00 for individual businesses and a maximum amount of P450 000.00 for youth industries/co-operatives. This fund is offered at 50% grant and 50% interest free loan.

2. ONLY the following sectors will be funded for the 2023/24 financial year;
• Manufacturing,
• Agriculture and its value chain,
• Agro and Eco-Tourism,

3. Existing self-financed youth owned enterprises seeking to expand may also apply, provided they meet all other criteria for the Youth Development Fund.

4. Applicants are to complete application forms in line with existing programme guidelines. Application forms may be obtained from, and submitted at the nearest MYSC office. Non-compliant applications will be disqualified.

5. Successful applicants will undergo a compulsory entrepreneurial development training programme prior to fund disbursement.

Please note that no applications will be accepted beyond the deadline, date and time and there will be no extension to the closing date.

For more information please contact the Public Relations Office on 3682667/3682649, or your nearest MYSC district office.

Thank you