Multilingual Spelling Bee Competition in Limpopo to be hosted by Unisa

Multilingual Spelling Bee Competition in Limpopo to be hosted by Unisa

Multilingual Spelling Bee Competition in Limpopo to be hosted by Unisa on 29 September 2023 at the Unisa Limpopo Campus (Baobab Hall). Unisa continues to commemorate its 150th anniversary, this time by celebrating unique languages in Limpopo in the form of a Multilingual Spelling Bee Competition. One hundred and fifty learners from various districts in Limpopo will go head-to-head to win the prize of R5000 and a laptop.

About Multilingual Spelling Bee

The Multilingual Spelling Bee is an innovative event celebrating linguistic diversity and promoting multilingualism in South African communities. This unique competition challenges learners to spell words from various languages, reflecting the rich linguistic tapestry of the nation. Through the incorporation of multiple languages and utilising language proficiency as a scoring mechanism, the event aims to inspire a love for languages and foster a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage within South Africa.

The Multilingual Spelling Bee is integral to the Language Festival project hosted by Unisa. The event seeks not only to showcase the linguistic prowess of learners but also to enhance multilingualism. Focusing on Grades 8 to 11 participants, the competition encourages young minds to engage with languages beyond their mother tongue and develop a broader perspective on language and culture.

The Competition in Limpopo

Schools across the district have been invited to participate, with each school hosting preliminary elimination rounds to select top performers. These participants will then represent their schools in the final competition. To ensure fair representation and diversity, each school can send a maximum of three participants, potentially accommodating four if needed. To showcase their linguistic abilities, participants must be able to spell words in at least three languages, including their mother tongue.

The competition will comprise four rounds designed to challenge and assess participants’ language skills progressively. The Multilingual Spelling Bee aims to impact language education and cultural appreciation significantly.

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