nsfas news today 28th June 2023 on payment of allowances to students

nsfas news today 28th June 2023 on payment of allowances to students

Dear NSFAS Student,


In nsfas news today 28th June 2023, we shall give you important update on NSFAS direct payment of allowances to students.

The University of Johannesburg is committed to updating students on all matters relating to changes in the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) processes. There are changes being made to the NSFAS processes to be implemented by the NSFAS Head Office with effect from 1 July 2023. Currently, NSFAS allowances, i.e., meals, transport, and learning material allowances, are paid through UJ Student Finance. Payments to funded students are released on a monthly basis. All payment inquiries would usually be directed to the financial aid offices on all four of our campuses.

The changes announced by NSFAS are as follows. In March 2023, the University received communication from NSFAS informing us that all allowances due to students will be paid directly by NSFAS, effective from 1 July 2023. NSFAS has appointed and allocated a service provider (Noracco) to manage the direct payments for UJ students. NSFAS-funded students are urgently required to activate their profiles with this service provider to ensure that payments are made. If you do not activate your profile, you will not receive your monthly stipends from July onwards.

We have been advised by NSFAS that the service provider has stated that an SMS and email have been sent to all funded students for activation. We urgently advise you to activate your profile in order to receive your stipends.

Please note that we urge you to be cautious as the changes come with challenges and risks.
Please be on the alert for possible scams and misleading information. You should only update your profiles using the links shared by Noracco.

The University will continue to engage NSFAS and DHET to ensure a seamless transition. Please note that with the change in the process of payment of stipends, the University is not able to intervene on behalf of the students with NSFAS.

Should you have any enquiries on the NSFAS direct payments, please do not hesitate to contact the NSFAS office directly at 080 006 7327 or info@nsfas.org.za.