October 2023 Sassa Payment Check

October 2023 Sassa Payment Check

October 2023 Sassa Payment Check is what you will learn in this article, the post will also enable you to check the various sassa payment dates for October 2023.

See the different payment dates for OLDER PERSON’S GRANTS , DISABILITY GRANTS and CHILDREN’S GRANTS.

There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day. Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed.

Social grant payment dates check for October 2023

OLDER PERSON’S GRANTS will be paid from Tuesday, 03 October 2023. This includes any grants linked to these accounts.

DISABILITY GRANTS will be paid from Wednesday, 04 October 2023 . This includes any grants linked to these accounts.

CHILDREN’S GRANTS will be paid from Thursday, 05 October 2023.

To verify or change contact details beneficiaries are urged to login to the official website which is https://srd.sassa.gov.za

SASSA advises beneficiaries to keep verifying contact details to avoid scammers

SASSA in Mpumalanga is advising R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries to keep on verifying their contact details, to ensure that they are still correct to avoid scammers.

The agency issued the statement after its Customer Care Unit received numerous calls from beneficiaries, complaining that their contacts have been changed.

“Beneficiaries must note that there is a circulating WhatsApp message where scammers are offering to assist applicants to do their applications. By surrendering personal details to the strangers they are able to change the contact details on behalf of applicant.

“The agency is warning R350 grant beneficiaries to do application themselves or request a person that they trust and have access to see or visit them,” SASSA said.

It reiterated that SASSA official customer care cannot change beneficiary contacts details without their request.

“The process of changing contacts details requires the Identity number of the beneficiary and after that the beneficiary receives OTP number in the cell phone. The official will request the OTP that will enable him or her to update contact details,” the agency said.