Optimi College Learning Portal

Optimi College Learning Portal

Optimi College Learning Portal not only offer classroom services, their services are in four categories: classroom, workplace, home, and college. On-site learning is facilitated at Lynnwood Campus by skilled facilitators who are accessible through Optimi.

Using the Guided Learning TM model and proprietary learning technology, the establishment provides a variety of reasonably priced and easily accessible learning courses, goods, and services.

As a way of supporting the learning experience from the classroom platform, past papers are available.

Optimi College Learning Portal

To access or log into the Optimi learning portal, follow these instructions:

1. With the aid of an internet browser (eg. Edge, Chrome, or Firefox), visit https://optimilearningportal.impaq.co.za/login.html

3. On the login screen, enter your username and password to access your classes. The username is the guardian or parent’s ID number, and the password is the same as the one used on my.Impaq

4. After logging in, scroll down to the Course Categories section of the page.

5. Choose your course or search your department for it.

6. Following that, you will see the coursework.

In the past year, logging into Optimi College Learning Portal has been a challenge for many students. Therefore, if you do not know your password, simply click “Forgot Password?” on the login page to recover your account.

How to Register

Registering for an Impaq account gives you access to the required lesson materials and exams, here is how you can sign up.

Simply, Obtain the registration form by sending an email to sales@impaq.co.za.

Fill out the Optimi Campus registration form, and then pay the deposit in accordance with the amount that was quoted to you by Optimi Campus. After that, you can begin going to classes at the Optimi Campus.