Quarter 1 Results Briefing – Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI)

Quarter 1 Results Briefing – Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI)

Quarter 1 Results Briefing – Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI): In a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment, Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Kenny Morolong, along with the Presidency’s Project Management Office, is set to brief the media on the first quarter results of the 2023/24 data key indicators for the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention (PYEI). This important announcement is scheduled for the 28th of August 2023 and will take place at the GCIS Auditorium in Hatfield, Pretoria.

The PYEI, an initiative born out of the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders, including the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), the Department of Higher Education and Training, the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, and the Youth Employment Service, was launched in 2020 with the aim of catalysing youth employment in South Africa. As the initiative enters its fourth year, the upcoming briefing will serve as a platform for reflection, progress assessment, and evaluation.

At the heart of the PYEI lies a holistic approach to combatting youth unemployment. The initiative not only strives to create job opportunities for young individuals but also focuses on equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to seize these opportunities effectively. It is essentially a multi-stakeholder partnership designed to accelerate the transition of young people into meaningful employment that aligns with their interests and capabilities.

Evaluating Progress: Data Key Indicators

The data key indicators that will be discussed during the briefing are central to evaluating the PYEI’s performance against its set objectives. These indicators encompass a range of factors, from job placement rates and skills development to overall impact on the lives of young people. By analysing these metrics, the initiative’s effectiveness can be gauged, allowing for adjustments and improvements to be made where necessary.

Journey So Far: Reflection and Success Stories

Over the years, the PYEI has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless young South Africans who have faced the challenges of unemployment. By fostering collaboration between government agencies, organisations, and educational institutions, the initiative has worked to provide a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures the growth of young talent. This briefing will offer a comprehensive overview of the progress made since the programme’s inception and highlight inspiring success stories that underscore its positive impact.

The media briefing also provides an opportunity for transparency and engagement, as it invites journalists, stakeholders, and the public to gain insights into the strides made and the challenges faced by the PYEI. The live streaming options on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube ensure that the event’s proceedings are accessible to a wide audience, enabling a broader conversation around youth employment and empowerment.

Voice of Authority: Deputy Minister and Stakeholders

As the Deputy Minister and representatives from various key organisations come together to share their insights and observations, the event promises to shed light on the multifaceted efforts driving the PYEI’s success. The briefing will not only celebrate the achievements of the initiative but will also serve as a call to action for continued collaboration and support.

Enquiries and Further Information

Inquiries related to the briefing can be directed to Acting Government Spokesperson Nomonde Mnukwa at 083 653 7485. The event offers a unique opportunity to witness the power of collective action in addressing a critical challenge facing South Africa’s youth. With each step forward, the Presidential Youth Employment Intervention brings the nation closer to a future where unemployment is replaced with opportunity, and young individuals can realise their full potential.