Teach For Uganda (TFU) Cohort 7 Fellowship Application 2023

Deadline: 24thJuly 2023.

Teach For Uganda (TFU) Cohort 7 Fellowship Application 2023

Applications for Teach For Uganda (TFU) Cohort 7 of Teach For Uganda’s fellowship are now OPEN! Are you a graduate or an in-service teacher, this is your chance to make a profound impact in your community.

Teach For Uganda (TFU) is a locally-rooted and globally-informed leadership development organization that is fully registered since 2016 as a non-profit organization in Uganda. We leverage the power and knowledge of promising future leaders to ensure that one day, all children in Uganda will attain an equitable quality education, enabling them to thrive in constantly changing economies.

Many children in Uganda receive low quality or no education and are unprepared to be Uganda’s future leaders. In order to change the narrative of the current problems in the education sector, we believe that the TFU Alumni leaders are better prepared to make a huge contribution using the 2year classroom experience(the teaching as leadership fellowship experience).

Through this 2-year teaching fellowship program, we train Uganda’s top university graduates and primary government teachers into full-time teacher-leaders in high-need UPE schools who significantly improve the achievements and aspirations of their students while enhancing their leadership skills.

Cohort 7 Recruitment Season specifications

  1.   19th June – 24thJuly 2023.
  2.   Ugandan applicants must be residents/ originate from Western Uganda aged 30 and below.
  3.   Refugees must be from Western Uganda aged 35 and below.
  4.   Operation areas will beKagadiHoima and Kikuube District.

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