THRIVE Global Impact Challenge 2023 – Increasing Food Security

Deadline: July 28, 2023.

THRIVE Global Impact Challenge 2023 – Increasing Food Security

The urgency of the climate crisis is more apparent than ever and disruptive innovation is key to creating a more sustainable, prosperous, inclusive, healthy and equitable future.

The THRIVE Global Impact Challenge is a global search for the most innovative startups who are advancing a more sustainable future for agriculture.

Aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Impact Challenge is focused on four key themes each one central to supporting the transition to a net-zero future for agriculture.

Increasing food security

The Increasing Food Security focus area aims to tackle the pressing challenge of feeding a growing global population sustainably. This area seeks solutions that address issues such as efficient resource utilization, climate-resilient agriculture, advanced farming techniques,…

Who can apply?

Eligible Countries:

  • Worldwide
How to Apply

Material submitted is not considered confidential and will be shared with THRIVE and external judges to evaluate your application.


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