Universities with low GPA/CGPA Requirements in the US

Universities with low GPA/CGPA Requirements in the US

This article will educate you about 25 Universities with low GPA/CGPA Requirements in the US. Accepts from 2.0 GPA.

1. Albany State University: 2.5 (provisional admission, NO GRE required, WES required, financial verification form needed for international students catalog.asurams.edu/graduate/admis)

2. Arkansas State University: 2.75 astate.edu/info/admission

3. California State University at Channel Islands: 2.5 csuci.edu/international/

4. California State University at East Bay: 2.5 csueastbay.edu/graduate-studi

5. California State University at Fresno: 2.75 academics.fresnostate.edu/drgs/gradstudi

6. California State University at Fullerton: 2.5 fullerton.edu/graduate/admis

7. California State University at Long Beach: 2.7 csulb.edu/admissions/gra

8. California State University at Northridge: 2.5 w2.csun.edu/academics/grad

9. California State University at San Bernardino: 2.5 (No GRE or GMAT, csusb.edu/graduate-studi)

10. DePaul University: 2.5 business.depaul.edu/academics/acco

11. Fort Hays State University: 2.0 fhsu.edu/academic/grads

12. Grand Canyon University: 2.8 gcu.edu/admissions

13. Jackson state University: 2.5 hthttps://www.lsus.edu/academics/graduate-studiestps://www.jsums.edu/graduateschool/masters-admissions/

14. LSU at Shreveport: 3.29 lsus.edu/graduate-admis

15. North Carolina State University: 2.0 studentservices.ncsu.edu/prospective-st

16. Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock: 3.21 ualr.edu/academics/grad

17. Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs: 3.37 uccs.edu/apply

18. Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe: 3.43 ulm.edu/gradschool/

19. Univ. of Maine at Presque Isle: 3.0 umpi.edu/academics/majo

20. Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore: 2.93 wwwcp.umes.edu/grad/

21. Univ. of Massachusetts Dartmouth: 3.25 umassd.edu/graduate/

22. Univ. of Minnesota at Twin Cities: 3.0 grad.umn.edu/admissions

23. University of Maine: 2.0 umaine.edu/graduate/progr

24. University of Mississippi: 3.0 issippigradschool.university-tour.com/homepage.php

25. University of Missouri: 3.38 gradschool.missouri.edu/admissions/eli

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Universities with low GPA/CGPA Requirements in the US