UNLEASH Rwanda Innovation Lab Programme 2023

Deadline: 19th July 2023

UNLEASH Rwanda Innovation Lab Programme 2023

Would you like to make a difference in your community? Are you passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals? Join the next UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Rwanda, a thriving start-up hub on the African continent.

UNLEASH is an Innovation Lab for the Sustainable Development Goals, which convenes up to 1,000 Talents for a 7-day innovation program every year. This year, hundreds of young change makers from all over the world will come together in Kigali, Rwanda during the first week of December to co-create solutions for the most pressing sustainability challenges that our planet is facing.

The UNLEASH Rwanda Innovation Lab Programme will take place from December 2 to December 8, and changemakers aged between 18-35 will have the opportunity to apply for this transformative (and fully-funded!) experience until July 19.

The Innovation Process

During the Lab, 1,000 young participants from all over the world will come up with new ideas and co-create innovative initiatives through human-centered design thinking – a process that focuses on the real needs of the people that the solution caters to. Experienced facilitators and experts will guide the participants through different stages of the innovation process:

  • Problem Framing: Defining a problem based on user needs and clear insights
  • Ideation: Brainstorming and selecting ideas to solve the problem
  • Prototyping: Creating simple versions of the idea to understand how it will work in real life
  • Testing: Testing the solution with users, learning, and adapting
  • Implementing: Planning and launching impactful solutions

Who can apply?

The Innovation Lab in Rwanda is open to young people between the ages of 18 and 35. We select participants that are:

  • Passionate and committed to solving the world’s sustainability challenges
  • Creative and have an innovative mindset
  • Enthusiastic about working together with peers and experts
  • Able to understand and communicate in English


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