USAID Africa Trade & Investment (ATI) Program 2023

Deadline: June 30, 2023, 5:00PM EDT

USAID Africa Trade & Investment (ATI) Program 2023

The USAID Africa Trade & Investment (ATI) Program seeks partners for enhancing food security in Tanzania with a focus on fertilizers & edible oils sectors.

Through this Annual Program Statement Addendum under APS ATI-02 Food Security and Resilience, the USAID Africa Trade & Investment (ATI) Program is offering the opportunity to partner with USAID to mobilize enterprise-driven solutions that will enhance food security and resilience by increasing production, utilization, trade, and investment in fertilizers and edible oils in Tanzania.

USAID is now seeking partnerships with agricultural service providers such as investors, manufacturers, off-takers, farmers, and traders to:

  • Maximize production, utilization, and trade of, and investment in, fertilizer.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of edible oils available in the country.
  • Promote opportunities for youth and women to effectively participate in locally driven investments

ATI Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants can include financial institutions, investors, businesses, business service organizations, industry/sector organizations, trade or other private sector associations. ATI strongly encourages applications from potential new partners operating in Tanzania. Should there be questions of whether your entity is eligible, please submit your inquiry at APS ATI-02 Food Security and Resilience Questions.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that it falls into one of the grantee categories below:
    • Private Sector Companies – operating in Tanzania.
    • Foreign Organizations (referred to as non-U.S. NGOs): either non-profit or for-profit organizations that meet the definition in 2 CFR 200.47.
    • Non-profit Organizations: Organizations that meet the definition of 2 CFR 200.70.
  • In addition, an applicant must be domiciled in Tanzania. In lieu of official registration, an applicant may still be eligible for award if it shows proof of effort to secure registration, exemption from registration, or cause for why registration is not optional or practicable.

Prior experience with USAID or other US Government entities is not required. ATI encourages applications from women led enterprises, small medium enterprises, and locally owned enterprises.

Selection criteria:

This addendum follows the Technical Selection Criteria and Cost Evaluation (Section IV) in the ATI APS, in addition to:

  1. Level of scale/reach achievable (number of beneficiaries).
  2. Ability to reach vulnerable populations.
  3. Ability to support farmers and cooperatives.
  4. Demonstrated co-investment by the organization.
  5. Women, youth, and local led/owned enterprises.


This grant leverages private sector resources, is a Fixed Amount Award (FAA) milestone-based grant with a matching component in cash valued between $250,000 – $3,500,000 per grant. Grant sizes of smaller or larger amounts may be considered should the proposed activity meet the objectives of the APS-addendum.

Proposed activities should leverage private sector resources, such as a commitment of funding by the grantee (e.g. matched funding) in support of the activity. ATI does not have a mandatory minimum leverage requirement, but encourages applicants to maximize leverage to the greatest extent possible.  An applicant’s leverage commitment will be a consideration during the concept evaluation per the APS ATI-02 Food Security and Resilience.

Information on applying:

  1. To apply for funding interested applicants must submit a concept note via the USAID ATI Partnerships in Food Security and Resilience (Concept Note Submission)
  2. A not more than 6 PowerPoint slides or 6 MS Word doc pages concept note should include the technical details of the proposed project.
  3. An itemized budget estimate indicating proposed activities, the ask and applicant organization’s contribution.
  4. Details on the applicant organization and track record of performance.

Note: Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.

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