Wokober Innovation-Toy Festival Pavilion Design Competition 2023

Wokober Innovation-Toy Festival Pavilion Design Competition 2023

This year’s Wokober Innovation-Toy Festival Pavilion Design Competition 2023 is scheduled to take place at Kaunda grounds, Gulu city from 15th to 16th December 2023 targeting a participation of at least 300 children from Gulu and neighboring districts.

The pavilion is an important integral part of the festival experience. It is an object of functionally, inspiration and brand for Wokober. It shall offer physical space/environment where the toys and innovations are made and exhibited for the public, and most importantly to be a source of inspiration, to stir imagination and senses of wonder amongst the children and guests.

Some considerations to influence characters of the pavilion
  • The design should be unique in its character to inspire and create a sense of wonder, yet simple for ease of installation.
  • The pavilion can be built directly onsite, prefabricated in a workshop and assembled on site, or can explore both.
  • The pavilion should offer enough space for exhibiting at least 300 toys and innovations, weaving seamlessly make, display and circulation of viewers.
  • The maximum budget for the pavilion structure is 4,000,000ugx
  • The pavilion should have advertisement slates where sponsors logos can be creatively displayed.
  • Consideration for Recycle and Reuse
The Type of Competition

This is a project design competition where the winning design shall be implemented. The team that wins the design competition shall also work with Wokober team and other fabricators to fabricate/build and setup the pavilion.

Awards – Wokober Innovation-Toy Festival Pavilion Design Competition 2023

There shall be two awards;

  • First prize = 750,000ugx as cash prize and 250,000ugx as facilitation for supervising the building of the pavilion, Costs such as meals, transports etc.
  • 2 Second prizes = Internship places through USA.
  • Other benefits includes; diversification of design portfolio; opportunity to be published in International design magazines such as Archdaily, Deenzeen, Design Indaba and local design magazines.
  • An opportunity to be part of making the world a better place through design and transformative education.
Eligibility – Wokober Innovation-Toy Festival Pavilion Design Competition 2023

The competition is open free of charge to;

Ugandan Citizens

  • Graduates of design (Architecture, Product and industrial design)
  • Students of Design (Architecture, Product and industrial design)
Nature of submissions;

Submissions shall be online on email contact provided below;

  • Plans, sections and elevations
  • Artistic impressions
  • Animations of videos were relevant or physical models were relevant
Competition schedule;
  • Launch: 6th October, 2023 (to be launched on USA X-Space)
  • Receiving submissions: Up to 6th November, 2023
  • Awarding winning design: up to 13th November, 2023
Post Competition
  • Fabrication/building of pavilion: 20th November to 8th December 2023
  • Installation of pavilion onsite in Gulu City: 11th to 14th December 2023