Womankind Worldwide Her Voice Fund 2023

Deadline: 7th of August 2023

Womankind Worldwide Her Voice Fund 2023

Her Voice Fund is an initiative from Womankind Worldwide that supports our partners to get their voices heard!

Her Voice Fund is a fund from Womankind Worldwide that provides flexible funding to women’s rights and feminist organisations and activists in the Global South to resource advocacy work. The fund supports women’s rights organisations to influence policy at local, national, regional and international levels.  

It focuses on supporting organisations working with women in all their diversities, who face discrimination based on their diverse identities, as they are most often excluded from decision-making spaces.  

Cycle 3 of Her Voice Fund is now open for applications. 

Why is Her Voice Fund needed?  

Women’s rights and feminist organisations have long been at the forefront of mobilising and advancing transformative visions for a more just and equal world. Most do so on limited budgets and without access to flexible and timely resources to respond to the most pressing concerns. Policy influencing initiatives are particularly underfunded especially with respect to organisations working in communities and those addressing intersecting forms of marginalisation and discrimination.  Drawing on Womankind’s experience of collective action on girls’ and women’s rights with its partners from the global south, the organisation intends to provide funding to women’s rights and feminist organisations and activists seeking to access and influence key advocacy spaces and opportunities at all levels.    

What grants are available?  

Womankind will provide grants of up to GBP 20,000 for a period of one year to partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. We will also directly fund informal groups for up to GBP 10,000 for a period of one year.  

Examples of advocacy initiatives the fund can include but not limited to; 16 Days of Activism campaigns, influencing a specific law/policy at country level, engaging with regional institutions such as the African Union, the African Commission on People and Human Rights, Influencing UN processes (Commission on Status of Women 68, The Universal Periodic Review Process, the High Level Political Forum, CRPD) amongst others as well as in participating in Global Feminist Spaces such as the upcoming AWID forum.  

Who can apply?  

Both Womankind Worldwide partners and informal groups advancing women’s rights and a feminist agenda in our focus countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, and Zimbabwe) can apply. 

As of 2023, Womankind has revised its funding criteria for informal groups in its focus countries. Informal Groups can now be funded directly without an existing relationship with a Womankind partner who has agreed to host funds on their behalf. This had been the practice from the inception of the fund. This shift is aligned to and compliant with HMRC guidance including requisite due diligence. 

Please also see Womankind’s operating definition for informal groups as outlined in the  Application Guidance. 

What is the application criteria?  

Applications received will be considered against the following criteria. They should: 

  • Identify as women’s rights or feminist organisation and an existing Womankind partner or an informal group whose vision and mission focuses on advancing women’s human rights in all their diversities and centres a feminist approach to its work.  
  • Advance progressive women rights and feminist agendas in key advocacy spaces and opportunities at the national, regional and international levels.  
  • Address systemic and structural barriers that continue to perpetuate gender inequality and discrimination.   
  • Demonstrate collaboration of multiple organisations and/or strengthen movement building.   
  • Adopt an intersectional feminist approach that recognises and centres the voices of the most marginalised girls and women in all their diversities.   
  • Be based in Womankind focus countries. These are; Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nepal. 

When to apply  

​HVF Cycle 3 grant applications will be considered between 8th August to 17th August 2023.  Eligible applicants can expect to hear back from Womankind Worldwide on the outcome of their application by late August, and successful applicants will receive funds shortly after that.   

​Applications submitted after the 7th of August 2023 will not be considered, but eligible applicants will have the opportunity to apply for future funding cycles. 

How to Apply   

To apply, you will need to submit a completed application form along with a completed budget template. 

Please read the Application Guidance in full before applying.   

Please stick to the word limits for each section of the application form.  

Download the Application Form and Budget Template via the links below and complete:  

Please email your completed application and completed budget template tohervoicefund@womankind.org.uk by the deadline of 7th August, 2023. 

If you have any questions regarding Her Voice Fund or the application process, please contact hervoicefund@womankind.org.uk. 

How to support Her Voice Fund 

Now more than ever, diverse, autonomous and resilient women’s rights organisations and feminist movements are key to defying the mounting rollback on women’s rights. Now is the time to act to secure a more equal future. 

Are you interested in supporting advocacy to build a fairer, just and more equal world for women and girls? 

Get in touch to find out how you can support Her Voice Fund. Email Disha Sughand, Director of Fundraising & Marketing disha@womankind.org.uk

Join us in shifting power and creating transformational change.

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