Youth Voices Rwanda – Why Never Again Rwanda (NAR) Youth Clubs Affiliation 2023

Deadline: July 21st 2023

Youth Voices Rwanda – Why Never Again Rwanda (NAR) Youth Clubs Affiliation 2023

Welcome to Youth Voices Rwanda, a platform by and for the Youth, aiming to champion and amplify the voices of the young people.

We train youth on critical thinking skills, human rights, political and democratic governance. This platform supports youth to express and debate their views on democratic values and political participation as they effectively promote and protect human rights and celebrate their diversities.

We also inspire them to use their talents in Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Public Speaking and Writing. We write stories on the issues of young people from diverse backgrounds and we also encourage them to share stories from their respective communities. With the support of Never Again Rwanda, Youth Voices serves to give young people a voice, building their confidence and boosting their capacity to write their own stories.

Who can apply?

Schooling and non-schooling youth clubs / associations / organizations in Rwanda

Informing selected applicants

Youth Engagement Team at Never Again Rwanda gives feedback to applicants to confirm affiliation to NAR.

  • August 7-18, 2023

No limit

There is no limit in terms of youth clubs / associations / organizations to be affiliated to NAR

Duration of the whole process

  • 8 weeks
Youth Engagement is one of the five pillars of the Never Again Rwanda’ 2021-2025 strategic plan. We work with youth in affiliated clubs and associations from different schooling and non-schooling communities, and we encourage them to use their talents like music, drama, dance, art, as well dialogue, critical thinking discussions, essay writing competition, public speaking and exchange events, etc. to spread the message of peace and be a beacon of hope to their fellow youth.
What are the benefits of becoming one NAR’s affiliated youth club / association / organization? 

 The first main benefit as becoming a NAR affiliated youth club/association/organization is to receive significant support and mentoring with several capacity-buildings strategies i.e., trainings in non-violent communication, critical thinking, do-no-harm, human rights, participation governance processes. Offered at our knowledge hubs / resource centers located in our districts of intervention: Huye, Nyamagabe, Gisagara, Ngororero, Rusizi, Kayonza & Nyagatare.  

 The second benefit is to give affiliated members the opportunity to apply at NAR as a volunteer. This experience at NAR provides a gain of knowledge to volunteers in various domains like peacebuilding, governance, human rights and so forth. This volunteering experience enhances capacities to empower the volunteer’s community; it can also help in building volunteers’ CV demonstrating significant skills to get a job.  

 In addition, the members of NAR affiliated clubs, associations and organizations are the first to be invited at the high level national annual events such as the Peace Building Institute, the National Youth conference on the commemoration Policy and Practice, the international Youth Day celebration, the youth-Parliamentary exchange, the International day of Human rights, the international Day of Democracy celebration, to name but a few. Equally, NAR has been financially supporting the affiliated clubs, associations and organizations’ community-based projects aiming at fostering a culture of peace, human rights, and democratic governance. We will continue to increase our services to better serve the members of the affiliated clubs to achieve their full potential and serve the community while becoming financially independent and becoming agents of change at the grassroots level.  

 Thanks to his volunteering experience at NAR, volunteers can also get a recommendation letter from NAR’s executive director when they are applying for a job or when they need a validation of training or further studies at higher leaning institutions in Rwanda and abroad.


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