zeepay registration for mobile money transfer & withdraw process

zeepay registration for mobile money transfer & withdraw process

zeepay registration for mobile money transfer & Withdraw Process: ZeePay Mobile Money is one of Ghana’s leading cross-telecom mobile money wallet platforms which operates with a user’s mobile phone number like some of the already available mobile money wallets such as MTN Mobile MoneyVodaCash, and atMoney.

ZeePay offers multiple transaction activities such as local and international money transfers, cash withdrawals, Cards, Bank Accounts, and digital tokens. Unlike other mobile wallets, ZeePay can be accessed on all networks in Ghana and can also co-exist on the same SIM with another mobile money wallet.

In this article, we will guide users on how to register for ZeePay Mobile Money and perform transactions such as money transfers and withdrawals among other things.

zeepay registration for mobile money transfer & Withdraw Process Mobile Money

Follow these steps if you have an active mobile number on any network to create your ZeePay mobile money account.

  • Dial the USSD short code *270# on your phone
  • Select option 1 – Register (Note: Only available if the number has never been registered on ZeePay)
  • Select your preferred ID for registration (Ghana Card, SSNIT, Voter ID, Driver’s License)
  • Enter the ID Number and Send
  • Wait for the system to verify your ID input
  • Congratulations, your ZeePay Wallet has been created successfully

Ways to Load ZeePay Wallet with Money

ZeePay Mobile Money Users may deposit money into their ZeePay Wallet with any of these options;

  • Cash in at any agent location by paying cash
  • Transfer e-cash from any other mobile money wallet (MTN MOMO, Voda Cash, atMoney)
  • Visa Top-Up from the ZeePay Website

How to Load ZeePay Wallet with Visa Card

ZeePay mobile money users can deposit money into their ZeePay wallet with a Visa Card which is linked to their bank account with these steps;

  • Visit the ZeePay website via www.myzeepay.com
  • Click the Payments menu link and select wallet top-up
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit in the input field (Eg. 500)
  • Enter your ZeePay Wallet number
  • Enter your email and address
  • Check the Security capture to confirm you are a human
  • Click on the top-up button
  • Congratulations, your wallet should now be loaded successfully

Steps for ZeePay mobile money transfer 

Follow these steps to send money to other ZeePay users or anyone across all networks;

  • Dial the USSD short code *270# on your phone
  • Select option 2 – Send Money
  • Select the user’s mobile money wallet (ZeePay, MTN, Vodafone, AtMoney, Bank, G-Money)
  • Enter the destination number (Eg. xxx xxx xxxx)
  • Enter the amount to send (Eg. 10.00)
  • Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction
  • Congratulations, the funds should be transferred successfully

ZeePay Mobile Money Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to have a ZeePay Wallet?

  • It is free to maintain your Zeepay Mobile Money wallet. Charges are only applied to transactions you perform.

Can I send money to anyone not registered on ZeePay?

  • Yes, you can send money from your Zeepay mobile wallet to any network or bank account in Ghana. Individuals not registered to any mobile money service will receive a token code by SMS that will be needed in withdrawing the funds at an agent point.

Can I access ZeePay from anywhere in the world?

  • Yes, you can but you would need to be on roaming to access the service as per your mobile network requirements.

Will cash-in and cash-out attract e-levy?

  • No, both Cash-in and Cash–out at an agent point are not subject to the E-Levy.

zeepay registration for mobile money transfer & Withdraw Process